Kartuli Dapna produces five distinctive, high-quality grades of Bay Leaves, both machine and naturally dried, throughout the year. The leaves are sorted by size, color, and overall condition to meet or exceed the most demanding manufacturing specifications, all packed in either 10-15 kg cartons or 25-30 kg sacks.

Whether the final product is tailored for private label, foodservice or more industrial configurations, Kartuli Dapna will produce and package Bay Leaves to suit every need. For more challenging manufacturing conditions, and whether the need is whole, broken or ground, Bay Leaves can be custom sorted and packed to suit exacting specifications.




Bay Leaves are pleasantly aromatic and enjoy tremendous popularity in a wide variety of culinary applications. Regarded as an epicurean champion, Kartuli Dapna Bay Leaves add distinctive flavor and depth to all manner of stocks, soups, stews, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes and are particularly well suited to Mediterranean, French, Indian, and American cuisine.

While culinary applications are the most well-known, the fragrant nature of Kartuli Dapna Bay Leaves makes them particularly attractive as additives to potpourri, incense and other scented products. There are also some aromatic compounds that can be isolated for cosmetics, cough medicine, naturopathic remedies, mouthwash and perfumes.

While the fragrance of bay leaves is appealing to humans, Bay Leaves are frequently employed as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, household pest repellent. While not off-putting to all pests, they have a proven impact on rodents and a variety of common insects.