Deliciously Fragrant and Aromatic Georgian Bay Leaves


It is rumored that the modern-day Bay Leaf traces its roots to coastal Georgia along the Black Sea. As the story goes, Georgia-grown Bay Leaves were so appealing that they were secreted away to Greece and made popular (along with a very special golden fleece) by Jason and his Argonauts. Regardless of its origins, these wonderfully aromatic, spicy and flavorful Georgia-grown ay Leaves remain highly sought after as a vital ingredient used by a remarkably broad spectrum of industries in a diverse array of products.

At Kartuli Dapna, Bay Leaves (Laurus nobilis) are locally grown, harvested, dried, sorted and packaged for export as an essential ingredient in a variety of added-value manufactured goods. Whether intended for food, beverage, cosmetic, medicinal, aromatic, decorative, or other such applications, Kartuli Dapna sorts and grades its Bay Leaves in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the specifications for these products.